About us

The world is changing rapidly with new forms of technology and applications

Research and innovation are therefore essential. Media Innovation Hub is a non-profit organization, a place where stakeholders will collaborate on innovation in immersive media, entertainment and gaming.

Media Innovation Hub is a physical space located in the heart of Media Park in Hilversum; the largest media cluster in Europe and houses major leading (inter)national media companies, including NOS, RTL, NEP, EMG, TALPA and ITV besides some leading educational institutes.

Every day, approximately 6,000 people work at the Media Park at more than 100 different media companies. In addition, the museum for Sound & Vision and the television programs that are recorded in the various studios attract thousands of visitors every year.

With Media Innovation Hub we will create an open ecosystem for inspiration and co-creation where we will collaborate with different stakeholders in the market; among them are corporates, SME’s and production companies, technology and knowhow partners, educational and research institutes and government.

Together we explore the added value of immersive content in collaborative projects. We will facilitate innovation in media, entertainment and gaming in a fully furnished environment. We are working towards a place where we train skills, showcase experiences, incubate new startups and facilitate co-working spaces; all here at the Media Park in Hilversum.

Product & Service development

Digital developments are following each other at a rapid pace, such as AI driven applications, 360 virtual reality, 5G broadcasting, virtual productions or deepfake technology.

To embrace the pace of technology development we explore and validate the added value for the industry in strong collaboration with our technology partners and turn these into lighthouse cases.

Talent & Skills

The ongoing developments in media, entertainment and gaming require new talent and skills. The path of research and education is essential to strengthen the industry and drive economic growth.

A never-ending curiosity is needed and must be secured in a hybrid learning environment that provides research- and training (on the job) tracks in collaboration with educational institutes where all competences are involved. We will organise challenges and provide incubation for startups and scale-ups.

Marketing & Communication

Spreading the word and showcasing striking examples in the field of immersive media, entertainment and gaming.

Building a strong community and interdisciplinary network are key with Media Innovation Hub as its facilitator. Connect and provide access to other existing networks and fields of expertise.

Represent the partners and the community to drive further growth.